Ebook price increase is opening for libraries

Table 1 below gives and average and median prices of 43 fiction bestsellers listed in Amazon's Kindle store on February 21, 2010.
  • Table 1 shows a difference in average price of Kindle and Nook ebooks. However, Kindle and Nook ebooks are the same price for 90.8% of their shared titles, most frequent price is $9.99. Nook prices are 40% to 50% higher on three of the four titles with different prices.
  • The predicted rise to $14.99 makes ebooks 49.8% higher than the average Amazon's paperback discount price. A rise to $16 as reported in the quotes below is 64% higher than the average paperback discount price.
Table 1Kindle ebook priceNook ebook priceHardback list priceAmazon's hardback discount priceAmazon's paperback discount price
Average$8.91$9.37 $26.37$16.07$10.01
  • During February 2010, Nook owners began angrily reporting on Barnes and Noble's Nook forum that Nook prices are rising. Here are some quotes.
    • "Have only had my nook a few days and will probably return it. Prices for books I want are $16 through B&N, $9 on Amazon for Kindle. What's going on??"
    • "Sue Grafton's "U is for Undertow" is now $13.97 at B&N and still $9.99 at Amazon."
    • "I know we won't be buying Ebooks at these higher prices. I'm just going to keep looking for interesting free Ebooks and checking out authors I might not have otherwise. Our library also offers Overdrive so we'll be looking into that, too."
    • "I noticed prices going up on my ebook wish list as well. Annoying? yes. Suprising? no. .... But then again, 3 out of the last 4 books I've read? I have, completely legally, not paid a single, solitary dime for. Because I have a library card (and I happen to have a library system that has a robust ebook library). So I look at the price I need to pay for books that I can't get from the library (or books that I don't want to take the time to wait on the wait list for) as being amortized over the cost of all books that I read."
  • Kansas' "Audiobooks, Music and More" offers 15,000 ebooks. These ebooks can be downloaded into Sony Readers and Nooks, but not Kindles. Here are instructions

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