Instructions by Chris Rippel

I have written a Word document with illustrated step-by-step instructions for downloading Overdrive e-books and free e-books from other sources into my Nook.
Copyright statement: Feel free to modify any part of this handout for your own situation and use. Acceptable modifications included replacing my name and organization with your own name and organization.
The two preliminary steps listed in the table of contents below are necessary for downloading Overdrive e-books into Sony Readers and Nooks.

After getting a Kansas Library Card and downloading and installing Adobe Digital Editions, from then on, the process of getting Overdrive e-books into your e-reading device begins with Major Step 1 and ends with Major Step 5.

The three sections after Major Step 5 explain how to get free e-books from other Web sources. These sections would be useful to owners of any e-reading device including Kindles.

Table of contents
  • Preliminary 1: Getting a Kansas Library Card
  • Preliminary 2: Download and install Adobe Digital Editions
  • Major Step 1: Finding Overdrive e-books
  • Major step 2: Download Overdrive e-books to computer
  • Major step 3: Transfer Overdrive e-books to e-reading device
  • Major step 4: Properly disconnect e-reading device from computer
  • Free content for e-reading devices
  • Downloading free e-books into a Nook
  • Using Calibre to make free e-books for e-reading devices

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