Pronounced "caliber", not calibray

Calibre eBook Management is free software at for controlling free eBooks on a computer or laptop. It provides a list/catalog of eBooks. Converts eBooks from one format into 13 other formats for numerous eReaders. It transfers eBooks into many types of eReaders. Calibre automatically recognizes eReader brands and will choose the correct format to send to the device. So, for example, if library patrons own Kindles, Nooks and Sony Readers, Calibre can take an eBook in one format convert that format into the other formats required by patrons' devices, and automatically transfer the correct format into each patron's device. Schools are teaching students to use Calibre to convert their Word documents created into eBooks. Awesome software. And its free.

Note: Calibre is for free eBooks downloaded from Web sites providing free eBooks. Calibre is not intended for Nook eBooks purchased from the Barnes and Noble's online eBookstore or Kindle eBooks purchased from Amazon, etc. (However, I know one person who converted a Nook eBook to Kindle format. He could not convert Kindle format into Nook format.)


  1. Would a tablet or laptop work with calibre?

  2. I really want all my free ebooks in libraries. I wouldn't put a limit on how many lends.