Cheap eBooks

Independent eBook publishers provide eBooks that:
  1. are often half the price (or less) than eBooks sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sony Web sites
  2. come in a variety of formats that can be used on many different devices including PC computers, laptops, smartpones and dedicated eReaders such as Kindles, nooks and Sony Readers.

Here are some ways to find eBooks by independent eBook publishers.
  • Fictionwise aggregates fiction and nonfiction eBooks produced by over 660 independent publishers. This site groups titles into categories and also provides lists of publishers, authors, award winners, series list, etc. The description of each title gives a synopsis, excerpt, reader ratings, author information and reading time.
  • Google Books is another aggregator of eBooks from a variety of publishers. Watch the video for an explanation of Google Books vision of providing access to eBooks over many different devices, i.e., Androids, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Web browser, Nook and Sony Reader. To see the titles, click "Shop for books." Titles are grouped by broad subjects. The description of each title gives a synopsis, reader ratings, reader reviews, a list of related eBooks and links to more specific subjects.
  • Below is a Google search engine looks through the Web sites of Fictionwise, Google Books and over 50 other other independent publishers. Try it.