Deeper analysis

Library Journal and School Library Journal survey of eBook use in libraries "measure current and projected ebook availability in libraries, user preferences in terms of access and subjects, and library purchasing terms and influences," February 9, 2011 More statistics

eBooks in libraries map by the American Library Association

Report by Yankee Group predicts that eReader sales will grow to $8.4 billion and the price will fall to $114 by 2014," February 8, 2011

Turning the page: the future of eBooks "examines trends and developments in the eBooks and eReaders market in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, and discusses major challenges and key questions for the publishing industry worldwide," January 2011

Five eBook trends that will change publishing, December 27, 2010

"On The Certain Economics Of Relegating Paper Books To The Margins Of The Business," November 16, 2010

Eli Neiburger's presentation at the LJ/SLJ eBook Tipping Point Summit, October 2010. Eli is brash, but I believe he makes some brilliant points about the affect of eBooks and on the future value of library collections.

Three videos on the future of the book and reading, September 2010

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