eReaders vs. smartphones

Before buying an expensive eReader, check out reading on the devices you already own.

In 2009, Ann Kirschner, dean of William E. Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York, read "Little Dorit" by Charles Dickens in paperback, on a Kindle, on her iPhone and listened to it as an audiobook. Dr. Kirschner "abandoned the Kindle ... almost as soon as I read one chapter on my iPhone. Kindle, schmindle. It does almost nothing that the iPhone can't do better-and, most important, it is always with me. Woody Allen is right: Seventy percent of success in life is showing up." Dr. Kirschner also preferred reading on the iPhone over the paperback and audiobook. - "Reading Dickens Four Ways"

Lately, I find myself agreeing with Dr. Kirschner. I have been reading on a Nook for a year. Even though I love reading on it, for the past 2 months, I have been reading Kindle eBooks on my Blackberry Storm 2. Amazon has apps called "Kindle on the PC," Kindle on the Mac," "Kindle on the Blackberry," "Kindle on the Android." I loaded Kindle on the PC on my home laptop, Kindle on the Mac on my work computer and Kindle on the Blackberry on my smartphone. (Nook has the same array of apps, but I don't like the app on my Blackberry as well.)

Using Kindle on the PC, I click "Buy from online store" this opens my Web browser and takes me to Amazon's Kindle store. There I can search and buy, usually less than $2 eBooks.

To buy an eBook, I look to the right side for an orange bar called, "Buy now with 1-Click". Just below that bar is a drop down menu that says, "Deliver to:" and gives me the following choices.
  • Christopher's Blackberry 9500 (This is actually Christopher's Kindle on Blackberry.)
  • Christopher's Kindle on Mac
  • Christopher's Kindle on PC
  • Or register a new Kindle
 Amazon limits each eBook to six devices. All the devices must be registered to the same account. In a survey I did in late 2009 and 2010, a wife says that she and her husband one their own devices. They buy one eBook and both read it at the same time.

"Kindle on ..." software has two sections for eBooks.
  • "Home" which contains the collection of eBooks on the device.
  • "Archived items" which lists titles purchased, but not loaded on the device.
Whatever device the eBook is "delivered to", the eBook goes in the "Home" section and ...
... the eBook appears in the "Archived items" section of the other devices.

To load the eBook on the other devices:
  1. on the smartphone, click the menu button, click "Archive items"; on the computer, at the top of the window, click "Archived items" button, 
  2. on a smartphone, click once on eBook to highlight; on computer, right-click the item to pop up a menu
  3. on a smartphone, click the menu button to pop up a menu, then click "Home"; on the computer pop up menu, left-click "Add to home".
I can the same eBook on different devices. When I start reading on a different device, I click "Sync to furthest location" to take me to the spot I stopped reading on the previous device.


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