Three eBook indexes

Index #1

Inkmesh is an online index of, at this writing, 34 major Web sites providing eBooks for free and for sale.

Inkmesh's listings show
  • covers, 
  • Amazon ratings if there are any, 
  • subject headings, 
  • devices, e.g., Nook, Sony Reader, Blackberry, Kindle, etc.,
  • cheapest price and 
  • how many sites offer the eBook.

To search type an author, title or subject in the search box, then click either:
  • "Find eBooks" for free and eBooks for sale.
  • or "Find free eBooks
After searching, clicking choices in the left side will limit results by price, rating, device, etc.

eBooks can be downloaded and read immediately. Buying eBooks will, of course, require registering with the seller with a credit card. If you are already registered with the eBook seller's Web site, the download progresses smoothly. Pretty cool actually.

Index #2

eBook AddAll searches 30+ online eBook Web sites: 18 U.S. retailers, 7 U.K. retailers, 1 Australian retailer, five free Web sites. At the bottom of the page are links to browsing several dozen categories, free eBooks from Amazon, BN, Sony and Harlequin and Advanced search. Advanced search lets you select by device brand, format, source and sort by price.

Index #3

The following Google search engine indexes 68 Web sites NOT covered by Inkmesh.


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