Loaning and Borrowing

Many libraries are lending Ebooks for all eReaders, except Overdrive. Ask your local librarian about getting free content for your eReader.

In addition, both Nook and Kindle owners can loan some titles once for 14 days. Only those eBooks the publishers allow can be lent.
  • Lendable Nook eBooks are identified a "LendMe" phrase beside eBooks. 
  • Barnes & Noble's Nook store even has a special page promoting LendMe Nook books.
  • For Kindles, look down in "Product details" for "Lending: Enabled."
Lent eBooks can not be read by the owner during the 14 days the eBooks can be read by the borrower.

There are a growing number of Web sites for listing eBooks to be lent and borrowed. These sites follow the rules above for lending and borrowing. The main purpose of these sites is to match lenders with borrowers of specific eBooks.

I noticed many free and cheap eBooks listed, but some jewels as well. So, on those sites where lending earns credits spent for borrowing, I recommend looking up titles in Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's online stores before borrowing to make sure you are getting your money's worth, so to speak.

Updated April 2012

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