How should librarians respond to eBooks?

  1. In the menu called "For librarians," the first three documents provide background.
    • "Why do people read eBooks?" presents survey evidence showing eBooks are about reading books, not just a gadget.

    • "Growing eBook market" explains results of a survey about the reading habits of 4,000 Americans. The author them makes predictions about the dramatic growth of eBook sales and its affect on publishing economics.

    • "Where do libraries fit?" compares the differences in the print and eBook publishing models and role of libraries in each model.

  2. "Options for libraries" describes six responses toward eBooks for librarians.

  3. One of those responses is to help patrons select eReaders and, in the process, telling them which eReaders allow the library to provide reading materials for their Since I want libraries to continue providing reading materials to patrons, even eReader owners, I ask librarians' to encourage patrons to buy eReaders that allow libraries to provide eBooks for those devices. The handouts and links in the "For patrons" section take this approach.

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