What do eBook readers read most?

This page provides the rank order of the types of documents eReader owners are putting on their devices.

I ran a poll on MobileRead Forums from March 15, 2011 to April 14, 2011 requesting, "Please click the two most common documents you load into your eBook reading device". There are 114 respondents by April 8. The voting of 24 respondents are removed because they voted for more than two categories. I left voting by respondents voting for only one document type.

The percentages below are the percentages of 90 respondents claiming that an option is their top two types of documents loaded into their eReaders.
  1. eBook versions of older, but still in copyright, print books: 43%
  2. eBook versions of new, but not bestselling, print books: 38%
  3. eBooks of free, public domain classics: 37%
  4. eBooks with no print versions by independent publishers: 18%
  5. eBook versions of just published, bestselling print books: 16%
  6. Documents from the Web, e.g., articles, master's thesis, etc.: 11%
  7. eBooks in languages I can't get around here: 3%
  8. Documents I wrote myself: 2%
One respondent says that since just published, bestselling eBooks are the most expensive document type in the list,  he loads less expensive alternatives. If this is true of many eReader owners, then libraries could serve readers of eBooks by providing these titles.

My second MobileRead Forums survey, currently under way with already 114 votes, asks what eReader owners would like libraries to provide.

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