Kansas EZ Library audiobooks

Kansas EZ Library audiobooks are provided by OneClickdigital.

Before installing software on your computer we recommend:
  1. Clearing your browser's memory. See http://bit.ly/ISJNlC

  2. Updating your Windows software. See Windows 7 instructions at http://bit.ly/Igq801

  3. Updating your mobile device software. See http://bit.ly/IgqIec
Registering for OneClickdigital
  1. You will need a Kansas Library Card PIN number and your birthdate. If you do not have a Kansas Library Card PIN number, then ask your local librarian to give you a Kansas Library Card.

  2. When you have a Kansas Library Card you are ready to register for OneClickdigital. See http://bit.ly/J49TkP
Downloading audiobooks

If your MP3 player is compatible with Media Manager software, load this software on your computer and use it to load audiobooks into your MP3 player. If your MP3 player is not compatible with Media Manager, use the manual download.
Updated April 2012

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